JUDr. Jakub Kotrba

attorney-at-law and partner

Jakub Kotrba has been employed by Advokátní kancelář Chrenek, Kotrba spol. s r.o. since 1997 and he currently serves as the managing partner of the law office. Since 11 October 2001, he has been an attorney-at-law registered in the list of attorneys-at-law kept by the Czech Bar Association under No. 09161 and, since 2020, he has also been registered under No. 300406 in the list of resident European attorneys-at-law kept by the Slovak Bar Association. Within his field of specialisation, Jakub Kotrba provides legal services in the areas of commercial law with an emphasis on the law of corporations and corporate transformations, and securities law.


  • Attorney-at-law, partner and executive director of the law office


  • Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague (Mgr.)
  • Faculty of Law of the Pan-European University (JUDr.)


  • commercial law
  • securities
  • civil law


  • Czech
  • English

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