Priorities and principles

With a view to reaching specific and highly professional solutions to the individual cases, the attorneys and trainee attorneys of Advokátní kancelář Chrenek, Kotrba spol. s r.o. (Law Office) specialise in the fields of law described below so that legal services are always provided with the corresponding expertise and experience.

  • Your rights – our priority.
  • We protect the confidentiality of all information related to our clients.
  • We provide clients with all the information related to resolving their cases.
  • We recommend and implement approaches that lead to savings in client costs.
  • We work with the temporal flexibility required to ensure successful resolving of cases.
  • We are available 24 hours a day.
  • We specialise in selected legal areas.
  • We monitor current legislative processes, case-law and the professional literature.
  • We monitor and introduce new trends in the area of provision of legal services.
  • We recommend and provide for resolution of cases in accordance with the generally binding legal regulations.
  • We work in specialised teams enabling the necessary alternation of individuals.
  • We keep thorough records of the time worked when dealing with cases and provide clients with access to these records.
  • We have all the necessary facilities.

Every company is made up of people, their skills and experience. The team of our law firm is composed of experts who are recognized personalities of Czech advocacy and are regularly awarded in professional competitions and rankings.

Office management

Veronika Zadáková
Deputy office manager
Alena Krajčovičová
Head of secretariat
Kristýna Blahníková
Nikola Dvořáková
Companion assistant
Mgr. Hana Černá
Bid manager
Mgr. David Zdařil
Marketing manager