“Stolen domains”

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As for the issue of “stolen domains”, there are two types of conduct:

  1. A cybersquatter register “blocking domains” that he believes will be of interest to someone in the future
  2. A stranger manages to register someone else’s domain by taking advantage of the carelessness of the existing domain owner, who forgets to renew the domain registration

In both cases, the abusive domain owner (cybersquatter) usually offers the domain for resale, offers it to the original user for an exorbitant sum or just blocks it.

It is not uncommon that a certain company domain is not registered to the company itself but to an employee or a member of its governing body. After leaving the company, the person may not be willing to transfer the domain or even provide the necessary cooperation.

We are ready to take legal action to have the domain unblocked by the cybersquatter or the “stolen” domain returned to the entrepreneur or another person who has been affected by such abusive behaviour. Some cases can be resolved only in court proceedings. As part of our procedure, we may file a motion for a preliminary injunction, especially where the domain contains content that is harmful to the affected party. Recently, there has been an increasing number of cases where professional legal assistance managed to protect a user who had a substantive right to the domain concerned.

What situations do we typically handle for our clients regarding stolen domains?

  • I forgot to renew my domain registration
  • Disputes regarding domains
  • Purchase and registration of web domains
  • I want to buy a domain held by a cybersquatter
  • Someone has registered a domain with my company name
  • How to register a domain for a company
  • I need to transfer a domain to another owner
  • How to terminate domain ownership