Sports law

Do you know how a player transfer or draft actually works from a legal point of view? And have you heard of the Bosman Rule? The story of a not so well-known footballer who took his case all the way to the European Court of Justice may be relevant to your case. Or maybe you are looking for a subsidy for a new pitch or need help with the statutes of a newly formed club? Sports law is our discipline and we would be happy to help with your case too.

Most frequently solved problems

  • comprehensive legal services related to professional and amateur sports
  • comprehensive legal services for managers (coaches) and other members of the management team (e.g. preparation of documents related to their activities – managers’ contracts; trade licenses; marketing and advertising; media rights; personal rights)
  • comprehensive legal services related to sports marketing and advertising
  • representation in court, administrative, arbitration and related proceedings (including internal disciplinary proceedings) related to sports
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