Real estate law

Investing in real estate is a consequential decision, whether you're purchasing an apartment, house, or land for personal use or as an investment. It entails navigating through numerous legal and financial considerations that can be intricate and overwhelming. The same holds true if you're renting a property or undertaking a substantial development project. This is where an experienced attorney can serve as your invaluable partner in navigating the complexities of real estate transactions and safeguarding your interests.

Most frequently solved problems

  • preparation of documents related to leases of apartments, offices, commercial and industrial premises
  • legal framework of financing of real estate projects including security
  • comprehensive counselling within implementation of development projects
  • comprehensive due diligence for development projects and real estate
Specialists by your side

Our experts in real estate law

We will guide you through the real estate transaction from start to finish. In addition to preparing the necessary contractual documentation, we also represent our clients in negotiations or proceedings before the cadastral or building authorities, provide expert opinions and represent clients before the tax authorities. Of course, we also provide attorney's custody.

We provide legal services in the field of development projects to clients from the initial analysis of the legal status of real estate, the so-called legal due diligence, through the subsequent setting up of the legal framework between the investor and contractors, representation in related administrative proceedings to the final setting up of legal relations at the completion of the project, as well as in the eventual sale to third parties.

We have been involved in real estate law since the very beginning of our law firm. We have been behind the realization of many spectacular development projects, transfers of thousands of properties. Our team has extensive and long-standing experience and knowledge of the necessary legal aspects of real estate transactions, including acquisition processes, construction and financing. Our experts are also sought-after authors of opinions published in professional and topical literature.