Legal assistance for victims of crimes and injured parties in criminal proceedings

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Do you not know where your case falls or did you not find it on our website? Contact us and we will figure out how we can help you.

Are you a victim of a crime? Have you or persons close to you incurred damage to health or property due to a crime? Our experienced team of lawyers will be happy to assist you.

We are, of course, also ready to guide you through the entire criminal proceedings, including dealing with the police, the prosecutor’s office, courts and the perpetrator. Let us carry the burden of formalities that fall on victims and injured parties in these extraordinary life situations.

What issues do we typically handle for clients in relation to legal assistance to victims of crimes and injured parties in criminal proceedings?

  • What rights do I have as a victim of crime?
  • How can I claim compensation for the damage that has been done to me?
  • How to file a criminal complaint?
  • What are the procedures in criminal proceedings?
  • I am a victim of crime. Can you help me with the criminal proceedings?
  • How can the victim of a crime be protected from the perpetrator?
  • What procedural rights do I have as an injured party and how can I exercise them in criminal proceedings?
  • Rights of victims of sexual violence
  • Legal advice on the crime of theft
  • I or my loved one has been harmed to health
  • Legal assistance in proving psychological violence
  • What is the procedure if I have been a victim of blackmail?
  • Legal assistance for victims of corruption
  • Legal services in respect of the right to information