Legal assistance in connection with traffic offences and accidents

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Have you been involved in a car accident? Are you a party to offence or criminal proceedings in this context? Have you or persons close to you suffered damage to health or property caused by a traffic accident? Our lawyers with years of experience in traffic accidents and offences are ready to explain everything you need.

A traffic accident is never an enjoyable event, even more so if it results in damage to one’s health. In such a case, an experienced lawyer can lift the burden of unpleasant negotiations and worrying about making sure you file all your claims as an injured party in a timely and proper manner. Likewise, as the culprit in a traffic accident or offence, you can be guided through the machinery of administrative or criminal proceedings with, if possible, the minimum possible consequences.

What issues do we typically handle for clients in relation to traffic offences and accidents?

  • I have been fined, what are my obligations?
  • I need to check how many points I have left
  • I was speeding
  • Alcohol and other addictive substances behind the wheel
  • I want to convert a crime to an offence
  • Options for appealing against a fine
  • Failure to pay the fine by the due date
  • My driving licence has been revoked, what are my options?
  • How can I get my driving licence back?
  • Representation in administrative proceedings
  • I have caused a car accident
  • Determining who is at fault in a traffic accident
  • A close person has committed a traffic offence
  • I have been injured in a traffic accident, how should I proceed?
  • Defence in offence/criminal proceedings in relation to a traffic offence/crime
  • How to deal with the insurance company when claiming insurance benefits?
  • How to negotiate with the counterparty (if I am the culprit or the injured party in a traffic accident) to reach an agreement without the need for a court hearing?
  • How to get the remainder of the driving ban waived (i.e. to “get back” the driving licence)?