Labor law

Employment relations bring many contentious situations into the lives of employees and employers, in which they need prompt and comprehensive legal advice. We are able to advise both international corporations employing hundreds of employees, including foreign persons, and medium and small entrepreneurs facing the risks and pressures that providing employment undoubtedly brings. Indeed, we are at home in employment contracts, discrimination claims, wage disputes and union negotiations.

Most frequently solved problems

  • preparation of collective bargaining agreements and representation of employers in negotiations with trade unions, as well as in resolving collective disputes
  • preparation and revision of employer’s internal regulations – the structure of mutual relationships, setting of control mechanisms, etc.
  • representation in litigation on declaring termination of employment invalid
  • legal services related to liability for damage caused by an employee/employer, including representation in potential litigation
Specialists by your side

Our labor law experts

Our law firm has several experts in labor law who have extensive experience in advising and representing clients in the field of employment law, as well as being sought-after authors of opinions and expertise in this area. So do not hesitate to entrust your case to our experienced team.

Our individual approach allows us to quickly and flexibly resolve the problems of employees who find themselves in a complex legal situation.

Thanks to our wide range of specialisations, we can also support you in the areas of social security and health insurance law, which are intrinsically linked to employment law.