Free access to information

In accordance with Act No. 106/1999 Sb., on free access to information, which is often referred to as the Information Act, citizens have the right to information about the activities of state authorities, self-governing territorial units (municipalities and regions) and their bodies and public institutions (typically state-owned enterprises or state subsidised organisations). Applicants most frequently ask about the management of entrusted assets and funds, often coming “out of the taxpayer’s pocket”.

The process of submitting a request for information seems simple, but is subject to a number of requirements; failure to comply with these requirements can easily result in the application being unsuccessful.

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On the basis of many years of practical experience with the application of the Act on Free Access to Information, both on the part of applicants and those to whom requests are addressed (obliged entities), we are able to offer assistance to both parties.

What issues do we typically handle for clients in relation to free access to information?

  • Initial consultation with an analysis of the information of interest, including a legal assessment of whether the information can be requested and whether the addressee of any future request is the entity obliged to provide the information
  • Drawing up a request for information, including legal representation in the procedure for examining the request before the obliged entity, as well as before the Office for Personal Data Protection and administrative courts, where applicable
  • Expert presentation of the issue of free access to information (including training of relevant staff and possible methodological guidance)
  • Legal assistance in dealing with specific requests for information, in particular, assessing whether the obliged entity must, may, need not or may not provide the requested information
  • Legal assistance in preparing responses to requests for information (especially calls to complete the request, provision of information, decisions to refuse the request, etc.), including legal representation of the obliged entity in proceedings before administrative courts
  • Right to information from public institutions
  • What information can I request from public institutions?
  • What institutions are obliged to provide information to the public
  • Preparation of documents for requests for information from public institutions
  • Representation in court proceedings in the event of failure to provide requested information

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