Defence in criminal proceedings

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Have you been notified of your criminal charges (by a resolution to prosecute) or has an action been brought against you in court? Have you or anyone close to you been detained or arrested by the police? Our team of lawyers with years of experience in defending in all stages of criminal proceedings will be happy to advise you.

Criminal prosecution is difficult in many ways for the accused (or the defendant), as well as for their family and close persons. We are ready to provide you with the necessary legal support and guide you through the criminal proceedings so that this extraordinary life situation is as least burdensome as possible for you.

What issues do we typically handle for clients in relation to defence in criminal proceedings?

  • What are my rights and obligations in criminal proceedings (the right to consult the criminal file, the right to participate in acts within criminal proceedings, the right to file motions for additional evidence, etc.)?
  • I have been accused of a criminal offence, what am I facing?
  • A person close to me is in custody, how can I help him/her?
  • What should I do if I am detained or arrested?
  • How to deal with criminal charges, in particular, how to defend yourself effectively against criminal charges?
  • How to agree on guilt and punishment with the prosecutor?
  • How can I reach an agreement with the injured party on compensation and try to get the criminal proceedings terminated so that I am not convicted, punished and do not have a criminal record?
  • How can I visit a person in custody to discuss the circumstances of their prosecution and defence strategy?
  • What are the rights and obligations of someone in custody?
  • Representation of the defendant in court
  • How to file a motion for release from custody or a motion to replace custody by other means (e.g. bail, electronic bracelet, etc.)?
  • Preparing an appeal against a court decision
  • Preparing a constitutional complaint
  • Representation of companies in criminal proceedings
  • Damages and compensation in the event of an unjust judgment
  • Proving innocence