Debt, enforcement procedure and insolvency

Whether you are on the debtor's or creditor's side, you need to act quickly. Debt recovery, drafting an insolvency petition, representation in insolvency proceedings are common issues we help our clients resolve. So do not hesitate to entrust your case in the hands of our experienced team. We can help you with the pitfalls of insolvency and foreclosure law so you can worry less.

Most frequently solved problems

  • representation in the enforcement of claims for indemnification and claims following from unjust enrichment
  • comprehensive provision for collective enforcement of receivables
  • comprehensive legal services related to the aspects of bills and notes (issuing bills and notes, their enforcement, representation in proceedings in rem and enforcement proceedings)
  • provision of a co-operating insolvency trustee
Specialists by your side

Our insolvency and enforcement law experts

Our dedicated team has extensive experience in both advice and representation in debt recovery and enforcement. Our team members are ready to advise you quickly and professionally. They will fight for you throughout the foreclosure process. Thanks to their long-term cooperation with proven bailiffs, they will help you recover your debts efficiently and effectively.

A final court judgment is often not enough to successfully collect a debt. In such cases, do not hesitate to contact us. Writing enforcement motions and representing you in enforcement proceedings is a daily practice for us, which is why we are one of the best in this area. We have a long-standing relationship with proven and efficient bailiff offices to ensure our clients recover their debts quickly and efficiently. 

We also provide legal advice in cases of threatened execution or wrongful execution and compensation for damages associated with it. We also resolve unpleasant situations such as wrongful seizure of property by filing foreclosure actions. We also provide assistance in drawing up a notarial deed with direct enforceability.