Cyber security law

Modern times bring with them new challenges. The law must also respond to them. Cybersecurity and related issues open up a whole new area of law that is rapidly gaining importance. We have to face attacks by hackers on a daily basis. Many persons are required to implement security measures, including asset management, risk management, vendor management and many other activities. The NCIB has been created and has broad powers - it inspects, imposes sanctions, issues methodologies and warnings. We are addressing these issues so you don't have to.

Most frequently solved problems

  • Consultation on the implementation of security measures
  • Consulting in the field of public procurement and management of technology suppliers
  • Identification of the client's rights and obligations in the field of cyber security
  • Analyzes of European and Czech legislation and their impact
  • Legal audits
Specialists by your side

Our cybersecurity law experts

Such dynamic evolution of legislation often involves more questions than answers. In this respect, our office has unique know-how, which we have gained thanks to our rich practical experience with legal consultation in the area of information technology.

However, in this area of expertise, legal knowledge is not. That is why our law firm cooperates with recognized experts in the field of information technology and cyber-security. Thanks to this, we are able to provide qualified and effective legal support to all entities affected by any issue related to cyber security.