Civil law

Civil law is the backbone of private law and we take it as our professional duty to know it perfectly. Whether you are dealing with substantive civil law issues or have found yourself in the throes of a civil lawsuit, we are here for you. We have status issues, inheritance law, property rights, consumer rights and civil liabilities in the palm of our hand. We know that litigating with an opposing party can be stressful and tiring. For your peace of mind, turn to our experienced attorneys, and in the meantime, you can focus on your pleasures while leaving your worries to us.

Most frequently solved problems

  • comprehensive legal services in the enforcement of rights on the grounds of liability for damage or unjust enrichment
  • protection of personal rights – legal remedies in cases of infringement of personal rights of private individuals or goodwill of legal entities
  • comprehensive legal assistance related to inheritance and probate proceedings
  • comprehensive legal counselling in the field of free access to information