Civil law

  • legal counselling and contractual agenda related to rights in rem (transfers of the ownership title, retention right, mortgage, rights following from an easement)
  • comprehensive legal services in the enforcement of rights on the grounds of liability for damage or unjust enrichment
  • protection of personal rights – legal remedies in cases of infringement of personal rights of private individuals or goodwill of legal entities
  • legal counselling provided in the field of consumer protection law [specific aspects following from execution of contracts using means of distant communication (Internet, telemarketing), withdrawal from contracts, claims of defects, etc.]
  • comprehensive legal assistance related to inheritance and probate proceedings
  • legal services related to contractual relationships – drafting of contracts – form contracts (e.g. sales contracts, leases, contracts for work, donation contracts, loan contracts, contracts of mandate, etc.) as well as tailor-made innominate agreements based on specific individual rights of the client
  • attorney escrow
  • comprehensive legal counselling in the field of free access to information
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