About Chrenek, Toman, Kotrba

We have only been operating as Chrenek, Toman, Kotrba since January 2023. However, our firm's history dates back to 1993.

The current firm was created by a unique merger of two prestigious law firms. Chrenek, Kotrba and Toman & Partners. Both law firms have long operated independently on the advocacy market, both specializing in different areas of law.

„We do not look at a new client as just another case, but as a long-term partner whose success is our priority.“

With a sufficient number of professionals, we now have teams specialising in different areas of law, so we can provide highly qualified legal services in all areas of law. We also offer our clients consultations with specialists from our partner companies focusing on finance, real estate, PR or IT. We offer all the services you may need for your business and personal life situations in one place.

In addition to the traditional areas of criminal, commercial, real estate, family and IT law in which our law firm has long been valued, we are constantly expanding our focus according to current social developments, such as our current focus on cyber security law. We also focus on attorney-media cooperation, which nowadays is becoming a necessary part of comprehensive legal services.

To be among the best, we believe, requires more than just superior legal knowledge and skills. Along with the rapid changes in the world around us come new topics and new challenges that are closely related to the law and in which we need to be perfectly versed. That's why we are leading the way in legal service innovation.

We already offer online legal services to clients, and we have developed a unique service for companies, the External Internal Lawyer, which for many of them is a convenient alternative to having their own in-house lawyers.